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Visa Innovation Program Europe is acknowledged as one of the leading collaboration platforms, specially designed for emerging fintech enterprises. myTeam was one of the 8 companies that participated and was selected as it met all the criteria. Its goal each year is to discern fintech companies demonstrating the utmost potential for collaboration, possessing the capacity to thrive and outperform in both the technological and financial operations sectors. 

The program’s fundamental goal is to aid these businesses in their growth, and development, strengthen their value propositions, and facilitate interaction with Visa and its extensive network of customers and partners.

Eleven Ventures and Endeavor mainly orchestrated the Visa Innovation program in Greece. One of which, Eleven Ventures embraced myTeam’s, vision and values and decided to be one of their investors. 

Via the Visa Innovation Program Europe, myTeam gained access to specialized expertise, received guidance, and established investor connections, fostering long-term growth and integration into a dynamic business ecosystem. This will contribute to both its expansion and solidification in the industry.

The program’s unique benefits ensured myTeam access to the market, with collaboration opportunities that have accelerated the development and evolution processes.

myTeam is now part of a robust community, with the opportunity to participate in leading conferences to exchange knowledge within a broad global business network and attract investors from the fintech ecosystem. 

Upon entry into the program as an emerging company, myTeam has gained numerous privileges, including essential tools, industry data, and technological infrastructure for implementing and refining the capabilities offered by the platform.

All of the above contributed to the rapid development of myTeam platform with more than 400 sports clubs registered in the last year and a continuous upward trend. More specifically, myTeam has won the trust of many sports academies and organizations in the sports industry, such as Eurohoops, Panathinaikos A.O,  Basketball Academies of Olympiacos and Ari also Apollon Patras, Panserraikos, and many others in the field! 

The catalyst for all of the above was the innovative financial features provided by the platform. The platform has integrated the ability of integrated debt management, which has reduced uncollected memberships below 7% in most sports clubs. 

Simultaneously, it introduced a new management dashboard for administration members, providing a detailed overview of finances, sports, and communication.

Currently, myTeam is growing at a rate exceeding 20% per month, with tens of thousands of users utilizing the platform or mobile app each month. 

Shortly, with the direction set forth by the program, myTeam will expand into new markets across Europe. The aim is to adapt this innovative product to the specific consumers in each country, securing a pan-European presence in the management of sports clubs and academies.

myTeam selection by the program represents a clear affirmation of the dedication and tireless effort our team has invested in, as well as the extensive capabilities offered by our platform. We are deeply convinced that this collaboration will positively shape the operational landscape of sports academies in the future on multiple levels!

For more information, questions or collaboration requests visit our myTeam website or contact us at info@myte.am.

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