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Within the vibrant intensity of the world of sports , where the daily struggle for victory unfolds, the risk of injury looms in every move. As athletes strive to exceed their limits and lead their teams to success, mere fractions of a second do not only determine the outcome of the game, but also each athlete’s health. In the pursuit of the ultimate goal, any compromise is rejected and, as a result, injuries become a norm.

In light of this, it is essential for every club to be prepared for such incidents. Your aim should be to forge a safety net, equipped with the necessary means, in order to be able to deal with expected and unexpected situations. This safety net is the first aid kit. Just as the administration urges coaches and players to operate as a unified whole, similarly, the administration is responsible for supporting its members to overcome any challenges they face.

 The quantity and specialization of the first aid kit’s equipment varies depending on the level of the team as well as its coaches and doctors. In this article, we will outline the basic supplies that every sports academy’s first aid kit should have in order to ensure the safety of its members from various mishaps. 

Everything that should be included in the first aid kit 

To set up an effective first aid kit and, subsequently, to develop it further, it is useful to classify the necessary medical supplies. In this way, you can customize and expand it. Our main source for the following guide is the Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science Basketball (ed. Douglas B. McKeag), Blackwell 2003, pages 58-59. We suggest referring to it for more information.


1.Basic Supplies

Every club that aspires to stand out for its quality should start creating a complete first aid kit with the following supplies:

  • Supplies for treatment of wounds and scratches: gloves, various types of bandages (regulars, elastic, triangular, etc.), sterili gauzes, sticking plasters, antiseptic wipes, cotton balls, betadine, hydrogen peroxide.
  • For swelling limitation and pain relief: Ice packs, heat packs, freeze spray.
  • For joint support: Aluminum braces (foot, hand, and finger), cervical collar.


2.Medication: Pills and Ointments

When the outcome of a game is on the line and your key player feels some sort of discomfort, which will inevitably affect his performance, then a properly equipped first aid kit could come to the rescue. Make sure to obtain the following in order for your contribution to be decisive:

  •  Painkillers and muscle relaxants: Salospir, Depon or Lonarid, Ponstan, and finally, those like Buscopan.
  •  Antihistamines for allergic reactions: Fenistil or inhalers Aerolin/Flixotide.
  •  Antibiotics: Fucidin, Terramycin.
  •  Anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling ointments: Roiplon gel, Voltaren, Counterpain.


3.Extras: For More Specific Situations

This category includes equipment for the prevention and treatment of more specialized incidents.

  • Special antibiotics: Augmentin, Amoxil.
  • Other medications: antitetanic serum, Imodium pills for diarrhea, antacid pills Maalox.
  • Other equipment: thermometer, blood pressure monitor, surgical tools kit, sticking stiches, electrolytes.
  • First aid instructions leaflet.


It is not our intention to read this list as some kind of dogmatic guidebook. On the contrary, we seek to make it the starting point of your continuous effort to enrich your first aid kit in collaboration with sports doctors and pharmacists, as well as based on your own experience. While most contents on this list are necessary in order for the first aid kit to live up to the expectations during critical moments, some (only a few) aim to address more specialized situations, during which the primary concern is the athlete’s health, and, secondarily, the reputation of the club. We insist that by investing in your first aid kit is going to add extra value to your brand name.

First Aid Seminar

If you want to elevate the level of your team and fortify your athletes’ health, we would definitely recommend conducting (at least) one first aid seminar for your staff. Developing such skills will undoubtedly complement your first aid kit equipment and enhance the safety of your members.

Only by recognizing that the joy of sports is intertwined with safety, you can actively work in preventing potentially life-threatening incidents. A first aid seminar (which will also provide the corresponding certificate) for your staff (coaches and other employees) shapes an absolutely professional sports environment.

Ensure Health, Maximize Performance

From the aforementioned, it has been made evident that in the physically challenging world of sports, the administration of a sports club is tasked with foreseeing what might happen both on and off the court. The most critical field is that of medical care, as it may determine an athlete’s well being.

Shaping the most comprehensive collection of first aid supplies, pharmaceutical products, medical tools, etc., is considered essential for safeguarding the health of your members and ensuring their maximum performance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the administration to equip the first aid kit with the necessary supplies so that, when the time comes, the coach or the doctor can efficiently offer her services to the athlete.

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